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We're Different

This is the word that has been used most to describe I Love Real Estate School and our Instructors. We aren’t like all the other guys.

We believe in YOU! Our courses are designed to make sure that YOU succeed. Wherever you are at this moment in your life, you have decided to investigate Real Estate as a vehicle for your future. We know you wouldn’t be investing time and money into this area of your life if it wasn’t important to you.

It’s just as important to everyone associated with I Love Real Estate School. We recognize that you have a dream to be involved in Real Estate in some way. You can choose to become a full-time Real Estate Residential Broker, Property Manager, or Commercial Broker once you are licensed. Some students want to do their own deals where they can Flip properties, Rehab properties, or buy & hold for your personal portfolios. You may just want the education to use for your own Real Estate needs. Whatever your reason, I Love Real Estate School is there to support you by making sure you get the education in an interesting, engaging and memorable way.

Of course, our classes meet the minimum guidelines required by The State of Illinois, but do you really want to learn from people who only want to meet the minimum? At I Love Real Estate School, we strive to make sure EACH student not only meets the minimum requirements but maximizes their potential to succeed in the Real Estate industry. We believe it takes a strong foundation to build a Real Estate business and we are here to help provide that base.

Our Instructors are veteran Real Estate Professionals who have put in the time, energy and effort to be successful in this industry. Now, they share their expertise with you so you will not only be able to pass the State Exam but can understand what it takes to make your dream a reality.

It isn’t About Us.

It’s About YOU!

That’s the Difference.

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