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Broker Pre-License 75 Hour Topics


“Every journey begins with the first step.”

The first step in your journey to becoming a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Illinois is the Education Step.

The State of Illinois requires you to complete 90 hours of Pre-Licensing education to qualify to take the State Licensing Exam and 30 hours of Post-Licensing education once you have been issued a license for a total of 120 hours. A Real Estate Broker’s license allows you to represent sellers, buyers, investors, building owners and renters under the supervision of a Managing Broker. I Love Real Estate School will provide you with all of the education necessary to sit for—and pass–the State Exam.

The initial 90 hours of Broker Pre-Licensing education breaks down into two separate classes, both of which are needed to qualify to take the State Exam. This 90 hours consists of a 75 hour Topics course and 15 hours of Interactive training.


The 75 hour Broker Topics course is intended to meet the State’s requirement for Pre-Licensing by concentrating on the principles and theories of real estate as well as real estate law. Using examples, stories and real life situations as the basis for class discussion, this course covers the following topics:

Agency—The relationship between Brokers and their Clients

Representation of Buyers and Sellers—What they are and how to use them

Real Estate Contracts—Understanding the contracts used in Real Estate

Real and Personal Property—What defines each and why they are important

Deeds, Title and Conveyances—The Broker’s role and familiarity

Real Estate Financing—What lenders are looking for, how to qualify prospects

The Closing Process—Who does what for a closing and the closing statement

Appraisal—How to value a property using the three approaches to value

Real Estate Math—All the math you need and how to get through it

And many more topics covered on the State Exam.


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