Online 90 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course


“An Online course that feels like you’re in a LIVE class!”

All the education you need to become a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Illinois from the comfort of your own home. I Love Real Estate School will provide you with everything necessary to sit for—and pass–the State Exam.



At I Love Real Estate School, we have developed a unique online course to meet the needs of students who prefer to take our 5 star 90 Hour Broker Pre- License course online wherever it is convenient for them.

Our online course is different from all the others because our modules are recordings of actual LIVE classes. Not only do you see the slides that our live students see but you hear our Instructor go over the material, calling out what areas to highlight and focus on.

Our online course includes ALL 90 hours of Broker Pre-Licensing education which breaks down into two separate classes, both of which are needed to qualify to take the State Exam. These 90 hours consists of the online 75 hour Topics course and the required live 15 hours of Interactive training.

Online 75 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Topics:

The 75 hour Broker Topics course is intended to meet the State’s requirement for Pre-Licensing by concentrating on the principles and theories of real estate as well as real estate law. You will receive a textbook to follow along with the recorded modules. This portion of the course also includes access to 14 online quizzes that prepare you to take the State Exam.

Live 15 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Interactive:

This is where the magic happens! State Licensing law requires that students participate in a LIVE interactive class where all of the principles you learned in the Topics portion are applied to real life scenarios. This class uses fun ways to reiterate the necessary information and lock it into student’s minds so you are ready to take the State Exam. Attendance at all sessions of the Interactive is mandatory.

At the completion of both courses, students take a 25 question multiple choice test covering items from the Interactive Class and then a 125 question multiple choice test covering items from the Topics Class. To pass the class, Students are required to score a minimum of 75% on each of the tests.

Instructor Support Available:

Even though our Online students are not in live classes we offer support from our Instructors to answer any questions that our student may have about the material.  Call, text or email with questions and we will get back to you with answers.


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