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I Love Real Estate Summer Camp Online Broker Pre-License Course

Our 5-Star rated Online Homestudy course allows you to work at your own pace, whatever that may be.


All the education you need to become a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Illinois from the comfort of your own home. 

60 hour Topics Video Course

15 Hour Livestream Interactive Course.

Digital Textbook

Unlimited Online Practice Quizzes

Checklist of Facts & Formulas To Pass The State Exam

Video - 3 Top Test Taking Techniques

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Self Paced


Instructor: Art Bettuzzi

Here's How It Works

You Get Everything You Need To Take The State Exam

Includes BOTH the 60 hour Topics Video Course and the 15 Hour Livestream Interactive Course. (Students will schedule the Interactive course after completing the 60 Hour Topics course. Interactive courses are held in conjunction with the Livestream Day or Night classes.)

Your Pace, At Your Place

The class modules and Interactive classes are available to you until you have successfully passed the state exam up to a maximum of 1 year from the date you register.

Online Homestudy Course w/Optional Upgrade At Later Date

Summer Camp only applies to the Online Homestudy course. This option does NOT include access to the Topics Livestream course or classes. Upgrades to the Livestream Topics course are available for an additional tuition.

Your Path To A Real Estate Career Begins Here

The first step in your journey to becoming a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Illinois is the Education Step.


The State of Illinois requires you to complete 75 hours of Pre-Licensing Education to qualify to take the State Licensing Exam and 45 hours of Post-Licensing Education once you have been issued a license for a total of 120 hours.


A Real Estate Broker’s license allows you to represent sellers, buyers, investors, building owners and renters under the supervision of a Designated Managing Broker.


I Love Real Estate School will provide you with all of the education necessary to sit for—and pass–the State Exam. The initial 75 hours of Broker Pre-Licensing education breaks down into two separate classes, both of which are needed to qualify to take the State Exam.


This 75-hour portion consists of a 60-hour Topics course and 15 hours of Interactive training.

Illinois Highest Rated Real Estate Instructor

Art Bettuzzi

Art Bettuzzi is the highest rated Real Estate Instructor in Illinois with more 5-Star Reviews than most Schools have!

Key Points:

  • 30+ Years

    Art has over 30 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry

  • 4,500 +     

    Art has trained & coached well over 4,500 Real Estate Agents

  • $1.1 Billion

    Over his career Art has closed over $1.1 Billion in Real Estate Deals

Over 700 5-Star Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to obtain a Real Estate Broker’s License?

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have graduated from High School or obtained a GED
  3. Complete a State approved 75-Hour Real Estate Broker Pre-License Class with 60 hours classroom or an equivalent home study course and 15 hours of mandatory classroom instruction.  45 hours of post-license education is also required
  4. Be of good moral character–no delinquent child support, no delinquent state income tax or delinquent student loan payments and no felony convictions.
  5. Pass the State License Exam

How do I schedule the State Exam?

Upon successful completion of the 75 Hour Broker Pre-License course, the student will be issued an Official Transcript confirming their completion. The student will then be given instructions on how to register for and schedule the State Exam with PSI using the Official Transcript.