Engaging, Efficient, Entertaining, and Extremely Knowledgeable! Art was all those E's and then some! Learning a new topic can be exciting, but can also become mundane at times. He was able to make every aspect of learning real estate fun and engaging. He kept us on our toes and always ready to learn the next thing. I took an accelerated 3-day course with him, so there was no time to waste time. He was always straight and to the point with out boring you. His methods are so engaging that there were many times I didn't even have to refer to my notes during certain tests because I just retained the information based on his methods. I also love how he gave real life examples and also responded to classmates real-life experiences. Each day I walked away knowing that I learned somethings valued and when it came time, I had the confidence to take my course tests and pass.
Christina G.
Professional, efficient, and an excellent teacher! Art was awesome! He was to the point, yet still very thorough in teaching us! He made it enjoyable and fun to learn Real Estate. Let's be real, "class" can be a little mundane but he managed to keep us interested, involved, and excited to learn more! If you're looking to start a new career in this business, Art is your guy to help you begin your journey to success!
Melissa W.
Thanks a lot! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, the instructor made it easy for me to understand the lesson although I am not a brilliant student. Each day is a fruitful and meaningful day to me! Thanks a lot!
John L.
Highly recommended! I highly appreciate the learning I've got from this school, very professional instructor but not boring! keep up the good work!
Limuel H.

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